Small Industry Outlook

The Small Industry Outlook analyzes, on a quarterly basis, small industry data collected by the Industrial Survey, Construction Industry Survey, and Business Confidence Index. The Outlook includes three new indices: the Performance Index, which measures the performance of small industry activity in the quarter; the Financial Situation Index, which assesses the financial situation of small enterprises; and the Outlook Index, which reveals business expectations. The survey also analyzes the main problems faced by small industry and the behavior of the ICEI index, considering only small companies.


The performance improves, but the financial situation worsens in the quarter

In the first quarter of 2024, small-scale industrial entrepreneurs experienced improved activity performance, boosting expectations. However, concerns over financial deterioration, business conditions, and issues like high taxes and a shortage of skilled workers tempered overall confidence. While the Small Business Performance Index rose in March, the Financial Situation Index declined, signaling worsening financial conditions. Confidence dipped from March to April, attributed to negative evaluations of the Brazilian economy and company conditions. High taxes and labor shortages remained top challenges.

May 2, 2024

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