Productivity in Brazilian manufacturing

The quarterly publication Productivity in Brazilian manufacturing aims to track the evolution of Brazil’s industry competitiveness compared to its main trading partners, focusing on the labor productivity indicator, which is a determinant indicator of competitiveness. It presents the indicator of labor productivity in Brazilian manufacturing industry and, once a year, the effective relative labor productivity indicator, including the labor productivity of Brazil’s main trading partners.


In 2019, Brazil's productivity grew in relation to the average of its main trade partners

In 2019, effective labor productivity – which compares Brazil's productivity with the average productivity of its main trade partners – increased by 2.9%. Between 2018 and 2019, labor productivity in the Brazilian manufacturing industry grew by 0.7%, a rate only lower than that recorded by South Korea (1.4%), considering a selection of 11 countries. The quarterly labor productivity in the Brazilian manufacturing industry showed a decrease of 3.7% in the second quarter of 2020, compared to the first quarter of the year.

April - June 2020

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