Special Survey: Industry 4.0

The Special Survey evaluates the impacts on industry of changes in public policies or economic environment. It also identifies business executives’ opinions on these issues. Thus, the topics are chosen according to economic situation and economic policies. Information is collected at the Industrial Survey and at the Construction Industry Survey.


Use of digital technologies rises in the brazilian industry, but industry 4.0 is still in its early stages

Among industrial companies, 69% already use at least one digital technology out of a list presenting 18 different applications. However, most companies use a small number of digital technologies, showing that they are still at an early stage along the digitalization process. Among industrial companies, 26% use between 1 and 3 digital technologies and only 7% use 10 or more. The main barriers to adoption considered by the companies are the high cost of implementation and the lack of qualified workers.

May 17, 2016

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