Brazil Competitiveness Report

The report assesses the determining factors of a country’s competitiveness. The Brazilian situation is evaluated in comparison with the situation of a selected set of countries. The selection is based on the similarity between these countries and Brazil in relation to socioeconomic characteristics, development stage, international position and competition in third markets.


Brazil’s overall average in the competitiveness ranking rises, but the country is still in second-to-last position

Brazil remains in second-to-last position in the overall ranking of the Brazil Competitiveness Report among 18 selected economies, ahead only of Argentina. Chile and Mexico – two other Latin American economies – are in the 8th and 12th position, respectively. In 2019, Brazil made progress regarding its business environment for the second year in a row, among other positive results. However, the improvement observed in the Brazilian situation was not sufficient for the country to rise in the ranking.


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