Who we are

About MEI

Since 2008, the Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI) has been bringing together business leaders, industrial associations and state-level federations of industry with the aim of stimulating Brazilian competitiveness by providing incentives for innovation. Through dialogue involving the private sector, academia and the public sector, the group has been working to improve the effectiveness of policies in support of innovation.

Altogether, more than 200 executives and entrepreneurs meet periodically with representatives of the Brazilian Federal Administration in search of paths to enhance innovation in the Brazilian entrepreneurial sector and to assess actions already underway to stimulate innovation in the country.


The movement was launched in October 2008, during the National Meeting of Industry (ENAI). The initiative emerged with the commitment to reinforce scientific, technological and innovation development in Brazil with the aim of shifting the focus of the entrepreneurial world.

For the purpose of raising awareness and mobilizing a larger number of companies around the importance of Innovation, MEI drew up an action plan in which the Network of Innovation Centers (RNI) stands out. This Network, which is coordinated by the Federations of Industry, has 25 State Innovation Centers managed in partnership with the regional entities that make up the Industry System, SEBRAE/UF, state governments, universities and technological institutes.

The Business Leaders Committee and government have been in constant dialogue to build an agenda designed to stimulate innovation in Brazilian companies.