About MEI Tools


The Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI) has a key role in building a more efficient and prosperous innovation ecosystem in Brazil. Therefore, MEI Tools was created, recognizing that the current national system of financing and technical support to innovation needs to be strengthened.


MEI Tools: tools designed to promote innovation in companies

MEI Tools is intended to offer new solutions for addressing challenges typical of our innovation environment as a channel for up-to-date information on support tools in this area and as an initiative for promoting agreements and new arrangements between partner institutions.

By creating this tool, we expanded the scope of our actions, taking an active stance in drawing up programs and searching for technical and financial resources to ensure the feasibility of innovation projects in Brazil.

MEI Tools has more than a dozen partners and provides information that is updated quarterly on incentive mechanisms for innovation available in the country. In addition to tools managed by the public sector, it also provides information on corporate mechanisms. Though this program, MEI and the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) seek to bring innovation agents closer together and improve the necessary support for Brazilian industry to develop on an ongoing and sustainable basis.

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The MEI Tools Workshop is a new initiative of MEI designed to disseminate information on tools for fostering innovation available in Brazil, to present the means available for accessing them, and to clarify questions related to the operation of the companies taking part in MEI.

It presents some of the tools included in the MEI Tools publication according to the interest of MEI's audience. Download the presentation below (Portuguese only).