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The responsibility of defining, planning, organizing, and administering SESI’s activities and programs is shared by SESI’s National Council and the Regional Councils, which have normative and audit functions, and by the National and Regional Departments, which have executive and operational functions. 


SESI’s National Council

The National Council is SESI’s highest level of power. It is responsible for evaluating all of the entity’s programs and goals, approving and monitoring budgets of the National and Regional Departments, as well as reporting to Brazil’s Comptroller General of the Union and Federal Court of Accounts. The National Council also supervises the actions of national social projects and partnerships with other institutions within its System.  

It is composed of representatives from the private sector, government, and labor. The president of Brazil nominates its president.



The National Department of SESI executes, administers, and proposes strategies, which are evaluated by SESI’s National Council. The National Department is headed by the director of SESI’s National Department, who is also the president of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (Confederação Nacional da Indústria - CNI). 

Currently, actions of the National Department are coordinated by CNI’s Directorate of Education and Technology, and executed by the National Superintendency, with the support of the Executive Management Office of Basic Education and Culture, as well as the Executive Management Office of Quality of Life.  - See more at: