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Created on July 1, 1946, the Social Service of Industry (SESI) is an institution that works with companies to improve quality of education and to elevate the level of schooling of Brazilians. It also helps create safe and healthy work environments as well as seeks to increase the quality of life of the worker. 

With 1,304 units throughout Brazil, SESI maintains a network of schools that offer primary education, education of youth and adults, continued education, educational support for the sector’s workers and their dependents. It also maintains a network of libraries, theaters, and cultural spaces that improve the access of Brazilians to knowledge and the arts. 

At its athletic tracks, pools, fields, courts, and soccer fields, SESI’s community and activity centers offer workers and the community programs that stimulate the habit of physical exercise, sports, leisure and social integration. 

To complement this work, SESI also runs disease prevention programs, promoting the health of members of the national industry and their families. 

By working towards quality education, wellbeing of workers, and socially responsible management of business, SESI plays a decisive role in increasing the industry’s competitiveness and the country’s sustainable development.