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The Intellectual Property Program is close to complete a decade. Since 2010, the program has contributed to the diffusion of the theme through organizing, sponsoring and participating in national and international events; by signing agreements and partnerships; in holding discussions with many stakeholders; and through the publication of studies, documents and news about Intellectual Property.

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Holding of the Seminar on “Innovation and Intellectual Property” during the SENAI Olympics which marked the national launch of the Intellectual Property Program.

The Program publishes 5 guides aimed to entrepreneurs, teachers, students, journalists and employees of Industry System.

Accomplishment of the course for journalists “Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property”.

Conquest of Aberje’s prize: gold in the national and silver in the regional.


The Program offers, for free, distance education about Intellectual Property. In 18 months, more than 75.000 students are enrolled.

International participations: Intellectual Property Business Conference, in the United States and Intellectual Property Week, in Belgium.

Conquest of 12º Graphic Excellence Jorge Salim by the Guides on Intellectual Property.


Participation in the Intellectual Property Business Congress in a panel about Brazil, in Cascais, Portugal.

A Technical Cooperation Agreement for the development of the Judicial Guide is signed with IDS, INPI, TRF2 and EMARF.


Launch of the publication Applied Industrial Property: Reflections for the Magistrate, in partnership with TRF2, IDS, INPI e EMARF


Training in Intellectual Property in nine states of Brazil, in partnership with industry federations.

Organization and holding of the 3º MEI’s Dialogues, with the theme “Intellectual Property: International Cooperation Agreements for Patents Examinations”.

Revision and updating of MEI’s New Agenda to broaden Business Innovation on the subject and monitoring of the regulatory framework in the area with the legislature.


Launch of the publication: Protection and Commercialization of Intellectual Property Goods - Guide for the Exporter in partnership with APEX.

Organization and holding of the meeting “Intellectual Property: Bilateral Agenda Brazil x United States”.

Training in Intellectual Property in six states of Brazil, in partnership with Industry Federations.


Participation in IV Taller Regional sobre Propiedad Intelectual y Transferencia de Tecnología, in El Salvador.

Development of a study on Intellectual Property clauses in trade agreements to subsidize the future negotiations of Mercosur-EU, in partnership with MDIC.

Holding of courses in partnership with Industry Federations for entrepreneurs from Federal District (Brasilia) and four states of Brazil.

Training for Apex-Brasil


Holding of the 1º Seminar of Intellectual Property, in partnership with WIPO and INPI.

Launch of the Intellectual Property Booklet for micro and small businesses.

Elaboration of a study on the revision about the Law of Intellectual Property.

Promotion of the course Intellectual Property for Creative Industry, in partnership with FIRJAN; and training with entrepreneurs from Rio de Janeiro.


Holding of 2º Seminar of Intellectual Property, in partnership with WIPO and INPI

Promotion of World Intellectual Property Day Campaign and of the first Summer School on Intellectual Property, in partnership with WIPO.

Signature of the Technical Cooperation Agreement between CNI and INPI to disseminate Intellectual Property in Brazil as a strategic tool and contribute to the advancement of the brazilian Intellectual Property system

Holding of the program “Meeting the Industry”, with patents examiners from INPI and ministry servers.

Training in frontier technologies for patents examiners in Rio de Janeiro, provided by Bosch and Instituto Eldorado

Conception of the document “Intellectual Property: An Agenda for the Industrial Development” for the set of CNI proposals for the presidential candidates of Brazil in 2018.

Launch of a special content about Geographical Indication in the CNI News Agency.

Organization of discussions about Madrid Protocol.

Realization of the 3º Intellectual Property Workshop for Media Professionals, in partnership with WIPO and INPI.

Launch of distance education about Intellectual Property in partnership with Unindústria.


CNI launches the new site of Intellectual Property Program.

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