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CNI’s leadership structure is composed of the Council of Representatives, Presidency, Board of Directors, and Audit Council. This structure has the consultative support of the National Forum of Industry and the Thematic Councils. 

Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives, CNI’s highest level of power, is composed of two delegates from each affiliated state-level Federation of Industries. 

The Council elects members of the Board of Directors and determines both CNI’s general policies as well as its strategic direction. It also approves the organization’s program of work and proposed annual budget. Among other functions, the Council is resposible for:

  • Evaluating the financial accounts of each fiscal year presented by the Board of Directors, with the opinion of the Audit Council;
  • Accepting charges from the public authorities, autarchies, mixed-economy companies, public companies, foundations, and other institutions whose activities are connected to the interests of the private sector; 
  • Discussing and voting on propositions presented by members and the directory;
  • Authorizing CNI’s affiliation and membership in international entities or organizations that have similar characteristics and goals or that have strong ties with the interest of Brazilian industry.