professional qualification

SENAI negotiates professional training project with Toyota Angola

exchange brazil-usa

SENAI and US institutions unite to promote academic exchanges

industry 4.0

SENAI evaluates the stage of the companies in the use of technologies 4.0

system sesi-senai of education

9 stories of SESI and SENAI students showing the power of education

brazil-sewden cooperation

SENAI advances with Brazil-Sweden technology cooperation agenda

worldskills kazan 2019

SENAI prepares Russian students for WorldSkills 2019

technical international cooperation

SENAI and Elta Systems sign cooperation agreement on cyber security

Skills Development

SENAI will lead Skills Development working group during the BRICS Brazilian presidency

Russian competitors receive guidance from world medalist in Araraquara

professional qualification

Russians participate in training at SENAI in Rio Grande do Sul

worldskills kazan 2019

SENAI trains Russian team for Kazan WorldSKills 2019


From Bahia to Abu Dhabi: SESI students will represent Brazil in the Formula 1 World Championship in Schools

worldskills kazan 2019

SENAI welcomes Taiwan specialists for training in Brasilia

professional qualification

SENAI conducts monitoring and search for new opportunities in Mozambique

female empowerment

The 10 SENAI's courses most sought after by women in 2018

robotic festival

SESI Robotics Festival will gather 1,200 students from public and private schools in Rio de Janeiro

worldskills 2019

SENAI receives experts from Japan and India for WorldSkills training 2019


Rio de Janeiro will host the largest Robotics Festival in Brazil


The education that transforms the rivers of the Amazon

partnership SENAI - CAS

SENAI receives technical mission from the Czech Republic

artificial intelligence

SESI and SENAI sign cooperation agreement with Microsoft to train young people in Artificial Intelligence

worldskills 2019, kazan

SENAI holds training with Japanese team for WorldSkills Kazan 2019

brazil more productive

4 examples of companies that grew up with SENAI

innovation and technology

Announcement of Innovation for the Industry announces three calls to startups in the amount of R $ 13 million

international cooperation

SENAI celebrates project in partnership with the International Labor Organization, Peru's Ministry of Labor and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency

industrial innovation

The CAS signs a memorandum of understanding with the Brazilian industrial organization SENAI

textile industry

Peru signs agreement with Brazil and the ILO to promote cotton industry

worldskills - asia

SENAI conquest the first place in WorldSkills Asia

senai-rise cooperation

SENAI and institutes in Sweden advance joint research projects

sign up

SENAI opens enrollment for 2019 courses. Secure your place!


UNINTER participates in international seminar on employment

sustainable development

UNINTER participates in the 6th Forum Brazil África - Youth Empowerment

international cooperation

SENAI starts international cooperation project in partnership with ABC and JICA

defense industry

CNI and Armed Forces create advice to stimulate defense industry

worldskills japan 2023

UNINTER receives delegation from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare


SENAI student creates glove to help visually impaired

ENERGY efficiency

SENAI and German institution offer course in the field of biogas

international cooperation

SENAI and Sweden innovation institutes increase cooperation in industry research

international mission - africa

SENAI conducts diagnostic mission in South Africa

cooperation brazil-africa

CNI and SENAI hold event on opportunities for cooperation and investment in Africa

innovation fund - usa

SENAI launches Innovation Fund in partnership with the United States Government

industry 4.0

Learn how SENAI is inserting Brazil in Industry 4.0

susteinable development

SENAI develops Technology Center for the Environment for Panama

future careers

SENAI participates in the Olympiad of Professions held by BRICS

industry 4.0

4.0 Confection: the next step of Fashion in Brazil

renewable energy and energy efficiency

CNI hosts international conference on future energies

Program #ExpertIndustria promotes training of SENAI technicians in Cuiabá

SENAI: Energy efficiency will require specialization of workers

FIEP Initiative is recognized by the UN as good practice for local development

SENAI signs international cooperation agreement with Panama and Côte d'Ivoire


SENAI trains Mozambican teachers in another stage of the Project in Mozambique

UNINTER receives visit from representatives of Vale

Program #ExpertIndustria brings international specialist for the 3rd SENAI Pedagogical Day

SENAI and SESI numbers to improve the construction of arguments


Federal District to win Innovation Center

UNINTER and UNITEC attend international mission in Sweden

SENAI receives delegation from Côte d'ivoire


SENAI to prepare Russian competitors and coaches for worldwide technical professions tournament in Abu Dhabi

UNINTER accompanies delegation from Cameroon

UNINTER participates in first Bahia's forum of international business and oportunities

SENAI receives Mission of managers from Portuguese-speaking African countries

Brazil wins first place in WorldSkills and wins more medals until today

SENAI to restructure vocational education in Côte d'Ivoire

UNINTER #ExpertIndustria Program brings Italian consultant to support Amapá in proposal design for Amazon Fund

UNINTER participates in international mission in Côte d'Ivoire


Brazil, Haiti and UN sign an agreement to strengthen the professional education in the Caribbean country

SENAI students win 2nd place in WorldSkills 2017 and are honored in the Planalto

South-South Development

SENAI is an international reference in the development of competences for the labor market

Solving Latin America’s skills crisis

Cameroon requests partnership with SENAI for professional education project in the country


UN invites SENAI to lead discussion on technical cooperation in professional education

Vocational Training Center - Brazil-Guinea Bissau

SENAI's international performance and the industry for innovation


SENAI brings professional education to Paraguay

SENAI and JP Morgan sign partnership for project to encourage vocational education

Four ways to maximize the effectiveness of youth employment programs

JICA VP talks Japanese support in Africa

Latin America’s campus revolution-revista The Economist

Senai students create equipment to facilitate worker's life in industry

Korean Institution Offers Scholarship for Brazilians

International partnership with Germany enables SENAI course in Biogas

SENAI Institutes of Innovation will insert Brazil in Industry 4.0

Hannover Fair is a landmark for future industry expansion

INTERVIEW: SENAI takes technology and knowledge to other countries

Discussion highlights the role of SESI and SENAI in the country's development

Logistics Corridor builders from Nacala receive SENAI in Mozambique to support them

Consortium of Brazilian and European institutions opens office in Brazil

Completed first phase of implementation of the Vocational Training Center in São Tomé and Príncipe

SENAI strategic committee meets with German partner in SC

The selection of Brazilian competitors for the World Olympiad of Technical Professions begins

Professional Training Center in Guinea Bissau: SENAI work abroad

Russians receive from SENAI training that guaranteed Brazil to be champion in an international tournament of technical professions

SENAI project in Guinea Bissau is featured in a blog article on education of Estadão

Project with German institution ME-LE supports the development of Biogas courses at SENAI

SESI and SENAI English Program, Conexão Mundo opens doors to the job market

Training program in English benefits more than 5 thousand SESI and SENAI students

MIT lecturer at the CNI and international partnership with SENAI

SENAI international partnership brings French expert to WorldSkills selective

Brazilian Navy Officer Speaks at CNI on Offset Projects

The Industry System and the development

New Skills at Work: Skills Development Driving Economic Growth

In Finland, 50% of students opt for technical education after completing compulsory education

SENAI members attend the 7th meeting of the SENAI-Fraunhofer IPK project in Berlin

Program Guidance Manual #expertindustria, UNINTER-DIRET

Lesson of the best in the world

IV International Dialogues: "The New Strategy of Japanese Cooperation in Brazil"

SENAI signs partnership with African entrepreneur for technology transfer

SENAI supports Vocational Education in Mozambique through technical cooperation project

SENAI expands its international operations with European countries

SENAI Amapá launches first Design and Innovation Award in Madeira Furniture

SENAI AL and UNINTER visit Paraguay to offer training in civil construction

SENAI and German institute sign agreement to accelerate innovation in Brazilian industries

SENAI is appointed by the UN as one of the main educational institutions of the Southern Hemisphere

SENAI and Japanese Cooperation Agency sign agreement to qualify employees

SENAI and WorldSkills Russia sign international technical cooperation agreement

SENAI initiates training project in Mozambique

SENAI trains Guinean managers in São Paulo

SENAI evaluates cooperation projects in Guinea Bissau and Sao Tome and Principe

SENAI signs international cooperation agreement with German educational institution

Video on SENAI's international service delivery to WorldSkills Russia

University of Manchester opens exhibition of Marcantonio Vilaça Award

Uninter visits African countries to promote professional education

Uninter visits Jamaica to evaluate professional education project

Uninter goes to Cabo Verde to start professional education project

Uninter launches program #expertindustria

UNINTER puts the agenda of SESI, SENAI and IEL at the Brazil-Germany Meeting

UNINTER evaluates international projects of SESI, SENAI and IEL

Sistema Indústria and GIZ conclude International Cooperation Training Program

Senai-CE: a reference in training

SENAI, FIESC and Fraunhofer Institute IPK discuss expansion of partnership to promote innovation in Brazil

SENAI to assess impact of its first open vocational training center abroad

SENAI receives French technology in chocolates

SENAI qualifies labor to meet growing demand for solar energy in Brazil

SENAI Piauí carries out international technical mission focused on the beekeeping sector

SENAI participates in the International Conference on Professional Education promoted by the ILO

SENAI participates in evaluation in Volkswagen of the students of the course of the Dual Teaching Model

SENAI offers consulting project to WorldSkills Russia

SENAI offers advice on Digital TV to Costa Rica

SENAI starts partnership with ANEP in Mozambique

SENAI starts new international cooperation project in Haiti

SENAI starts operational phase of Móveis Rondônia project

SENAI signs its largest international service project

SENAI finishes Russian team training for WorldSkills

SENAI is 75 years old modern and with an eye on the future

SENAI delivers training certificates to Angolan teachers

SENAI and Sweden discuss engagement and skill development for industry.

SENAI is a reference for the World Bank

SENAI and Mozambique sign agreement for professional training