Access to technology and knowledge

International partnerships are key to innovation in the Brazilian industrial sector. We have expertise in the design of projects of international technology transfer, including offset agreements, that contribute to the competitiveness of Brazilian industry.

We cooperate closely with a wide network of partner institutions that include well known institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA), the Milan Polytechnic Institute (Italy), the Fraunhofer Society (Germany), Steinbeis University (Germany), Ryerson University (Canada), the Center of Technology and Quality in the Sector of Furniture of the Marche (COSMOB, Italy), the Finnish Institute for Organizational Health (FIOH, Finland).


Focus of our technology exchange agenda




The development of new priority products and services for Brazilian industry



Support to industrial development initiatives in Brazil



 Unleashing the innovation potential of Brazilian industry



Preparation of high performance teams


Partnerships in offset agreements

Offset agreements are contractual compensations in large international purchases by governments or sales to governments. When a government buys high value-added products or services, there usually are clauses that oblige foreign suppliers to carry out a specific set of activities to fulfill other objectives of the buyer which are not necessarily directly related to the primary goods or services being purchased.
The procurement policy of the Brazilian government includes such provisions, and Brazilian companies are also subject to complying with offset clauses when selling to foreign governments. Offset clauses can focus on commercial, industrial or technological aspects. To facilitate the achievement of optimal results in offset agreements, SESI, SENAI and IEL offer two types of services: when Brazilian companies export products or services (by providing the industrial technology required by the buyer) and when Brazilian government purchases products os services abroad (by receiving advanced technology from the seller).



Success stories