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At 2006, the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL), the National Industrial Apprenticeship Service (SENAI) and the National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI) joined forces and launched the Intellectual Property for Innovation in Industry Program, the goal of which is to disseminate the importance of the matter for Brazilian Industry to grow. Today, led by CNI , the initiative includes the participation of all national entities Industry System and is the largest enterprise of dissemination and training for the strategic use of intellectual property in Latin America.

As a major tool for promoting innovation in industry, the management of intellectual property is strategic for Brazilian companies to gain competitiveness in the global market. Through it, business leaders can seek out opportunities, monitor competition and identify, among other things, levels of investment and development of products and processes.

As a strategy to spread relevant IP informations among specific publics, the Intellectual Property for Innovation in Industry Program has been produced publications directed to:



capa - The Inovation and Intellectual Property - A Handbook for Teachers and Instructors The Inovation and Intellectual Property - A Handbook for Teachers and Instructors provides teachers and instructors of the entities linked to the Industry System with information on key aspects of industrial property. Download it here.









capa - Protecting Creativity and Innovation Understanding Intellectual Property: a Handbook for Journalists Protecting Creativity and Innovation Understanding Intellectual Property: a Handbook for Journalists was created to provide journalists with key information on the main aspects of intellectual property. This publication is seen as an essential tool to provide professionals in the field of information dissemination with access to this knowledge, both for clearing their doubts and for assisting them in checking information carefully with the aim of improving the quality of their stories and finding new and creative ways to address this subject. Download it here.








APPLIED INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY REFLECTIONS FOR JUDGES This work is the result of a partnership between the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the Federal Regional Court (TRF) of the 2nd Region, the Federal Regional School of Magistracy of the 2nd Region (Emarf), the National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI) and the Dannemann Siemsen Institute for Technical and Legal Studies (IDS). The idea is to make it possible for this knowledge to be used as a working tool that can be easily accessed and handled. Download it here.







capa - THE PATHWAY TO INNOVATION Protecting and Doing Business with Intellectual Property Assets: a Handbook for Entrepreneurs  This handbook was designed to provide entrepreneurs with key information on the main aspects of intellectual property. This topic, which is still very much exclusively associated with trademark registration and the issuing of patents, should be considered from a broader perspective. Enterprises need to understand its timeliness and relevance to maximize the correct owner ship, protection and trade of these intangible assets, thus generating value and benefits for their business. Download it here.








Also, the CNI and partners have developed very important studies about intellectual property:

capa - Intellectual property: changes in industry and the new agenda Intellectual property: changes in industry and new agenda - This publication is part of the document Proposals from the brazilian industry toelection candidates at 2014, prepared by the National Confederation of Industry(CNI), which brings 42 studies and recommendations with the main themes of the agenda for the industry the development and growth of the country in the coming years. The book 39 presents the industry agenda to guarantee theintellectual property rights well built, in the forms of patents, industrial designs, trademarks, or trade secrets. These rights are crucial to establish the limits of fair competition, distinguishing the bad practices of imitation and forgery, andspur innovation in Brazil. Download it here.





capa - Trade Secrets: Tools for innovation and collaboration Trade Secrets: Tools for innovation and collaboration - This paper reviews the contribution of trade secrets to knowledge diffusion and collaborative innovation. The paper also aims to inform policymakers about certain shortcomings in existing frameworks for trade secret protection, which can undermine cross-border collaboration in particular. 






capa - he ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap - flagship IP publication provides businesses and policymakers with a comprehensive and concise overview of key intellectual property policy issues today. The 12th edition of the IP Roadmap was launched at the IPBC Global 2014 in Amsterdam in June 2014. Download it here.





capa - BIOECONOMY An Agenda for Brazil Bioeconomy: an Agenda for Brazil - Produced by the brazilian National Confederation of Industry in partnership with entrepreneurs, researchers, experts and stakeholders in the area, the Agenda points strategic sectors that require specific actions. Also maps areas of biotechnology application that Brazil must invest and presents a perception research about the topic of Bioeconomy among entrepreneurs, policy makers and opinion formers. Download it here and watch the video produced by CNI about bioeconomy.


capa - The Research & innovation performance of the G20 The research & innovation performance of the G20 - The aim of the report is to discover insights into the global strategies of leading economies worldwide, by analyzing citation patterns in scientific research papers and patent portfolios in the G20 countries over a period of ten years. Download it here.








capa - ENHANCING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND APPROPRIATION BY INNOVATIVE SMEs Enhancing Intellectual Property Management and Appropriation by Innovative SMEs - The SMEs paper provides an overview of the various internal and external factors that may influence the approach SMEs take to IP management. It also presents the main types of strategies they adopt, discusses ways to improve their IP management, and articulates a number of recommendations for policy-makers. Download it here.






capa - THE OPEN INNOVATION MODEL The Open Innovation Model - The second in a series of five research papers produced by the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property that provide insights on how IP interacts with decisions, transactions and processes related to technology development and dissemination. Download it here.