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Why invest in Brazil?

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Five reasons to invest in Brazil The Brazil is the 7th largest consumer market in the world and the perspective is that by 2023 it is the 5th. The growth model is based on population growth (currently 202 million) and in a rise of household consumption, resulting from social achievements. In the last decade, 30 million people ascended to the middle class. 

Geographically, Brazil is privileged because it has marine access to North America, Europe and Asia (most current destination of commodities). In addition, it borders with 10 countries in South America. 

Currently, Brazil significantly invests in expanding the Brazilian logistics net, especially in railways to facilitate the flow of production. Ports are also being expanded. As a legacy of sporting events that have taken place (Pan American 2007 Confederations Cup 2013 and World Cup 2014) and to come (Olympics 2016), the country took a leap in the quality of its airports, including the expansion on the number of daily international itineraries.

As a way of development, Brazil offers various types of incentives in order to expand the economy in remote areas distant from large cities, or provide social advances to parcels of skilled workers. 

Historically, Brazil is a country that receives foreigners very well due to the great diversity of cultures already present. One of the biggest attractions is the quality of life, which comes from regions with outstanding natural beauty. From nature, comes out one of the largest differentials: Biodiversity. The number of organisms that grow only in Brazil provides countless possibilities for a number of industries.


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