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São Paulo

The state of São Paulo, located in south-eastern region of Brazil, it is the most populated in the country and the third largest administrative unit in South America, also in terms of population. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of São Paulo is the third largest in Latin America in absolute figures - behind only Brazil and Mexico - and accounts for 33% of national GDP.

São Paulo has a territory equivalent to the UK, home to the largest consumer’s market in Brazil and the biggest industrial park, with a GDP per capita 50% higher than that of the national average (2011).
Of the 645 municipalities of São Paulo, 90% have a high Human Development Index (HDI). Approximately 60.6% of the employed population of the State of São Paulo has at least 11 years of education. The proportion of employed persons with 15 years or more of education is 31.5% higher in the state than throughout the country (2012).
The state concentrates 24% of all higher education institutions and the largest free network of technical and vocational education in the country. The three São Paulo state universities are among the best in Brazil, and the state is Brazil's largest investor in research and development.
São Paulo is also the main business tourism destination in Brazil, performing annually, 75% of exhibitions and events in the country.
In terms of infrastructure, the state has the two airports with the highest volume of passengers in the country: the Congonhas Airport, in the capital, and the São Paulo International Airport - Governador André Franco Montoro, in Guarulhos. In 2012, both received more than 49 million passengers, equivalent to 26% of the movement recorded in the airports managed by Infraero nationwide.
With regard to logistics operations, the São Paulo International Airport - Governador André Franco Montoro in Guarulhos and Viracopos International Airport in Campinas, together they accounted for 50% of all cargo movement in the country's airports in 2012 .
In addition, the Port of Santos is located in Sao Paulo, the largest in Latin America, which handled 104.5 million tons of cargo in 2012.

To assist and support to foreign investors, the International Business Centre (CIN) makes available to businessmen information, consulting services, organization of fairs, events and international missions. The CIN-FIESP is part of a network led by the Confederation of Industry (CNI) and connected with dozens of international institutions in promoting business and investments.

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The state of São Paulo concentrates 36% of industrial production, 12% of agricultural income and 33.5% of the revenues generated in the service sector in Brazil, according to a survey done in 2012 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the Foundation State System of Data Analysis (SEADE).
São Paulo is the world's largest orange producer and sugarcane ethanol, standing out even as the largest aerospace pole in Latin America. In absolute terms, the manufacturing of food products is ahead of other activities of the state, it has topped R$ 47 billion and representing 35.5% of industrial food production in Brazil.
The state still has strong presence in the sectors of: construction (28% of GDP); health (38% of bioscience companies and 71% of the national pharmaceutical industry); IT (41% of the domestic industry), biofuels and renewable industries.
In the oil and gas industry, São Paulo congregates 34% of domestic equipment and service providers and more than 50% of the supply of parts, components and equipment for the national industry. In São Paulo’s economy, the sectors of manufacturing of automobiles, trailers and canopies (R$ 44 billion); Chemicals (R$31 billion) and machinery and equipment (R$ 25 billion) are relevant (IBGE - 2011).

Among the incentives to invest in the state of São Paulo, the following stand out:
•    ICMS reduction
•    Incentive Programme of the São Paulo System of Technological Parks (SPTec)
•    Investment Incentive Program by Automobile Vehicle Manufacturer (Pró Veículo)
•    Investment Incentive Program by Electronic Data Processing Industry Product Manufacturer (Pró-Informática).
•    Incentive Program for the Railway Sector (Pró-Trens)
•    Incentives to the sectors of domestic appliances , wood boards (MDF) and furniture, working capital, medical and dental equipment
•    Public-Private Partnerships (PPP´s)

Financing programs
Enterprises installed in the state of São Paulo have access to a number of financing programs offered by public agencies, including:

•    Support Foundation of Research of the state of São Paulo (Fapesp)
•    Develop SP - Paulista Development Agency
•    State Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (Funcet)
•    Paulista People's Bank (BPP)
•    São Paulo System of Technological Parks (SPTec)