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Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is the seventh smallest Brazilian state in area, but has the sixth economy, with a GDP of U$ 90,7 billion. The income per capita is also one of the country's largest, occupying the fourth position, with value of US$ 11.190. In addition, the state stands out in many different economic sectors, including industry, commerce, agriculture, livestock, fisheries and tourism.

Solid economic performance
Santa Catarina is the seventh smallest Brazilian state in area, but has the sixth economy, with a GDP of US$ 90.7 billion. The income per capita is also one of the country's largest, occupying the fourth position, with an amount of US $ 11.190. In addition, the state stands out in many different economic sectors, including industry, commerce, agriculture, livestock, fisheries and tourism.
The state counts on 70 colleges and universities, 134 schools and technical education centres, 120 metrology laboratories, 5 technology centres, 22 technology-based incubators and 117 incubated companies, investing in training and innovation to new entrepreneurs.
Learn more about the investment in vocational training, research and development in Santa Catarina:
•    2nd best Brazilian state in education
•    4th state with biggest expenditure on research and development
•    5th state in innovation according to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit
•    5th state with the largest number of patents and largest amount of patents on inventions
•    6th state with the highest expenditure on Science & Technology
•    9th state with the highest expenditure on Scientific Technical Activities  
High quality of life                                       
In Santa Catarina you live well. The population's well-being is comparable to developed countries. Eleven cities in Santa Catarina are among the 50 with the best quality of life in Brazil.
The Human Development Index (HDI) of Santa Catarina, which considers the population's purchasing power, longevity and the level of education, is the second highest in the country. It is one of the states with the highest purchasing power in the country.
1st state with the highest life expectancy (76 years)
2nd state with the highest HDI (0.773)
1st state with best GINI index (0.445)
1st state with the lowest percentage of poor children (9.7%)
2nd state with the lowest illiteracy rate in the country (3.9%)
3rd state with the lowest infant mortality rate (15 per 1,000 live births)
1st state with the lowest homicide rate (12.9 per 100 thousand inhabitants)
1st state with the highest percentage of the population with primary education completed; 6th with high school education completed; 5th university graduates completed
1 state in the southern region and the 3rd in Brazil referring to people aged 25 or older and with 15 or more years of education (12.2 among 1,000 people)
State of the art infrastructure
Santa Catarina features a transport infrastructure expansion, formed by five ports, 2.606 km of federal highways, more than 6.000 km of state highways, 1.205 km of railways, three international airports and five regional and sub-regional airports.
It is currently self-sufficient in electricity besides providing energy to other states.
As for telecommunications, there are two million land lines and more than eight million mobile lines. All municipalities have access to at least one internet point.

Historical tradition in international trade
Santa Catarina has a robust and innovative industry, integrated into global supply chains. The state has ability for export; there are approximately 190 countries covered. With great flexibility and technology, the industry is able to meet specifications and preferences from all over the world. The poultry cuts industry, for example, has innovated in the market and has become the leading global benchmark in the industry.
•    3rd state with higher value-added to exports
•    5th state with the largest share of exports in state’s GDP
•    10th largest exporting state
•    Largest exporter of paper / card for kraftliner coverage
•    Largest exporter of kitchen towels, cotton towels & cotton T-Shirt
•    Largest exporter of doors along with their linings and castings
•    Largest exporter of three-phase alternating current electric motors
•    Largest exporter of blocks for diesel engines
•    2nd largest exporter of ceramic
Strong and diversified industrial sector
The Santa Catarina industry is highly competitive due to its strong industrial culture of the state, its sectoral expertise, its network of support services for research and training and increasing investments in the sector.
The industrial sector is highly diversified with emphasis on the food industry, machinery and equipment, textiles and clothing, footwear, metallurgy and metal products, ceramics, furniture, wood, plastic products, electrical materials, power generation, construction, vehicles and automobile parts, shipbuilding, technology and information technology.
•    2nd state with the largest share of the manufacturing sector in the total GDP in 2010
•    4th largest manufacturing complex in the number of establishments in 2011
•    5th largest manufacturing complex in number of employees in 2011
•    Largest state in the proportion of employees in the manufacturing industry in 2011
•    The Santa Catarina manufacturing industry was the 3rd largest generator of employment between the states of Brazil in 2012

To assist and support to foreign investors, the International Business Centre (CIN) makes available to businessmen information, consulting services, organization of fairs, events and international missions. The CIN-FIESC is part of a network led by the Confederation of Industry (CNI) and connected with dozens of international institutions in promoting business and investments.

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Several internal factors such as natural resources, skilled workers, entrepreneurship, use of incentives and involvement in government programs, helped establish important industry characteristics in the regional economy in the state. This mixture results in a robust and innovative industry, to the degree of specialization in several segments, integrated into global supply chains.
Sectorial specialization by region
•    North - Furniture | Wood
•    Northeast - Metallurgy and Metal Products | Machinery and Mechanical Equipment | Automobile / Automobile Parts | Plastics | Textile & Clothing
•    Vale do Itajaí - Textile and Clothing | Naval Industry | Metallurgy and Metal Products | Automobile / Automobile Parts
•    West - Food & Beverages | Furniture
•    Highlands  - Wood | Pulp and Paper
•    South - Ceramic | Textile & Clothing | Plastics
•    Southeast - Hi Tech | Shoes

Incentives are benefits granted by the government in order to stimulate a certain area, sector or economic activity. There are several of them, from the reduction or exemption of taxes, up to donation of land by the municipalities. In recent years, several municipalities of Santa Catarina - mainly on the coast and in the western state - have attracted companies through tax incentives, such as full or partial exemption from tax on services of any nature - ISS and property tax - IPTU.
The tables on the following links present the municipalities of Santa Catarina offering some kind of incentive to attract companies. Of the entire southern region of Brazil, Santa Catarina is the state that mostly grants some kind of incentive (80.2% of all municipalities), followed by Paraná (with 74.7% of the total) and Rio Grande do Sul (with 72.2% of total).

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The Santa Catarina Business Development Program (PRODEC) seeks to grant incentives to the implementation or expansion of industrial and commercial enterprises, which comes to producing and generating employment and income in the State of Santa Catarina. It is an incentive equivalent to a predetermined percentage of the value of the ICMS to be generated by the new project.
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BMW Group Brasil

bmw_arturo.png “BMW is investing around R$ 600 million in its first plant construction project in Brazil in the city of Araquari (SC). The installed capacity will be 32.000 vehicles / year and this investment will generate about 1,300 direct jobs and approximately 2.500 indirect counting suppliers, business partners and new dealers.
Several factors were taken into consideration for making the decision to install our factory in Santa Catarina, but the main one was the logistics aspect. The state has five ports and the only one in the country with this condition, which to our operation is a strategic aspect. In addition, we had the goal of investing in a municipality that could develop along with the growth of our business, and the city of Araquari features all the potential to do so.

The BMW Group has demonstrated commitment to the Brazilian market and reached record highs in sales over the recent years. Certainly, the plant in Araquari reaffirms the group's commitment to Brazil."
Arturo Piñeiro, President and CEO of BMW Group Brazil

Takata South America

" About 10 years ago, we received the task from the world president of the Takata group to define the best location for installation of a new Takata plant in Brazil for the production and export of a component of one of our main products, which are seat belts for automobiles. We evaluated many possibilities, but weighed in favor Santa Catarina’s location and excellent logistics condition as it already had the port of Itajaí and there were projects for the port of Navegantes. We also evaluated the good infrastructure of energy and the gas pipeline installation project along the BR-101. Very important also to mention that the availability of skilled labor with textile experience was in positive favour of our choice.

The figures confirm that our project in Piçarras was very successful because we project an annual output of 72 million meters and generate 200 direct jobs. We are always evaluating opportunities to further expand our business in Santa Catarina."

Airton Evangelista, President of Takata South America

Robert Bosch Latin America
besalielbotelho.png "The Robert Bosch chose the state of Santa Catarina for the implementation of its Shared Services Centre in 2009 after an extensive feasibility study, which pointed out the city of Joinville as strategic for their vocation in the service area, the good infrastructure and level of public security, and the availability of skilled and competitive labour, depending on the quantity and quality of colleges and technical schools existing in the region."
Besaliel Botelho, President of Robert Bosch Latin America.


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