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Despite being one of the smallest states in the country, Paraná has the fifth largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the third largest added value of the Manufacturing Industry, being the fastest growing state in physical production and industrial employment in the regions South and Southeast in the last twelve years. In addition, it has a reference capital in quality of life, sustainability and innovation; Curitiba is considered the best city to live in Brazil, the 2nd with the best quality of life and one of the most innovative in Latin America. The region's industry seeks to develop through the qualification of the labor force to increase productivity and improve the quality of life of the people. Therefore, the state is therefore one of the best destinations for investment in Brazil and Latin America.

QUALIFIED WORKFORCE; With the presence of 197 higher education institutions.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT; Reference research institutes and more than 30 technology incubators.

QUALITY OF LIFE; The state has the best Human Development Indexes and its capital, Curitiba, was elected the best city to live in Brazil.

STRATEGIC LOCATION for national and international trade; aggregated to the developed infrastructure allows easy access to the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil in addition to the countries of South America and Mercosur.

RENEWABLE ENERGY IN ABUNDANCE; The state holds the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world in power generation, and in its development project includes new technologies for the generation of renewable and clean energy, such as projects using biomass, wind, photovoltaic and others.

ONE OF THE LARGEST INDUSTRIAL HUBS OF BRAZIL; With about 65,000 industries are distributed in the various regions of the state, totaling 920 thousand jobs and are responsible for 25% of the state's GDP.

ECONOMIC GROWTH above the national average, that positions it among the main economies of Brazil, being the 5th largest Gross Domestic Product-GDP, attracting in the last 5 years more than R $ 40 billion in investments.
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Among the priority sectors of the states are the future carriers in which the state decided to invest and develop, such as automotive and recently aerospaceinformation technology, among others and those linked to natural advantages and features, such as the whole agribusiness industry with links in the production chain, such as food industry and bioenergy, and previous links in the chain, such as inputs, machineryequipment and technology for the field; Also has strong presence in traditional sectors such as fashion (apparel) and wood and furniture, besides being the largest producer of renewable energies in the country.

The Competitive Paraná Program is one of the main attractions for investments in Paraná. Through well structured incentives, the Program supports both new investors and companies already established in the state that promote expansion or diversification of their businesses.

The program was created in 2011 to reinsert Paraná in the agenda of local, national and international investments. Reformulated at the beginning of 2017, the new Paraná Competitivo contemplates a series of measures - such as the extension of deadlines for payment of ICMS, incentives for infrastructure improvement, foreign trade, debureaucratization and professional training - and aims to make the state more attractive for new productive ventures that generate employment, income, wealth and sustainable development.

The Paraná Development Agency is the institution responsible for receiving the requirements of companies interested in the Program. The requested incentives are evaluated by the APD on a technical report that considers the state's priorities, such as type of investment, economic sector, number of generated jobs, economic, social and environmental impacts, increase in the productive chains and innovation levels. After the technical evaluation of APD, the process is analyzed by the Paraná State Treasury Department, where the granting or not of the benefit is determined.

- Projects:
The Program applies to greenfield, brownfield, diversification or reactivation projects.

- Investment:
The total amount of the investment must be over R$ 3.6 million.

- Investments made within 24 months prior to the request;
- Investments in the implementation phase;
- Projected investments.

Expected Incentives
- Installment of incremental ICMS (state level tax);
- Deferral of ICMS over electricity supply operations by companies located in Paraná and over natural gas supply by Compagas;
- Transfer of ICMS credits for asset acquisition.

- In two installments: 1st installment of 10% and 2nd installment of 90% to be paid after 48 months.

Source: Paraná Development Agency

"The State of Paraná was chosen due to its great business environment, the proximity to large-scale car manufacturers, and the support received from the State Of Paraná." 
Shizuma Kubota - President of Sumitomo Rubber do Brasil   Sumitomo Rubber do Brasil


"Several strategic issues influenced in having DAF choose the State of Paraná, such as the important share of the truck market the region holds, the agricultural production, and the large concentration of transport companies. Another quite relevant factor is the labor structure offered in the state. Education institutions, such as the Federal Technological University of Paraná, the State University of Ponta Grossa, and Senai Paraná also motivated us towards qualifying the location. In each State where we are present, we have identified a special feature and a profile of different customer. However, Brazilian consumers are, in general, more demanding in regards to the combination of the essential qualities for transport: truck quality and overall low operating costs. With the costumers in Paraná is not much different and we have a product and services that meet their expectations." 
Michael Kuester - President of DAF Caminhões Brasil      Sem título.jpeg


"Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region offer an excellent combination of economic development, logistic infrastructure and qualified workforce, in addition to quality of life in the areas of health, culture and leisure." 
Alain Tissier - Vice President of Renault do Brasil     Renault


"Harris has signed an agreement with the Government of Paraná for the production of mission-critical radios and technologies suitable for use in public security for finding in Paraná an environment adequate for development and production of high technology. It is possible to highlight as key motivating points for choosing the State of Paraná the following: its infrastructure, economic indicators, skilled, workforce, and the benefits provided by the Competitive Paraná Program. Local manufacturing is an important step towards increasing our competitiveness in domestic market." 
Reinaldo Rezende - President of Harris      Harris


"The State of Paraná offers good possibilities for the development of small, medium, and large-sized companies. A qualified workforce, stable business environment, and a solid structure are combined to the distinguishing characteristics of the citizen from Paraná: hospitable, kind and dedicated."
Cyro Gazola - General Manager Mondelez Brasil      Mondelez International


''Londrina was chosen to host the new Atos center after a deep analysis among all others Brazilian regions. We were able to evaluate aspects such as location, qualified hand work availability and socio-economic environment. While choosing the host city we took into account different criteria such as geographical aspects (offices availability, life quality, easy access by different means of transportation), labor market (current and future professionals), presence of universities and technical schools in IT area and training sessions facilities. Therefore, Londrina was established as the best option for our business plan.''

Felipe Trevisi, Atos Financial Director    Atos


“Northern Paraná has exceeded our expectations ! We got great support from local institutions and hired outstanding labor force in all levels. The choice for this region has confirmed to be the right one! The reasons for locating HEXAL (Sandoz) in Northern Paraná are:

          1. Labour, market and environment:

Good universities and schools, people qualified, motivated and eager  to learn on a lower wage and cost level than big cities, attractive and safe environment.

          2. Logistics:

Be close to the major market in São Paulo, connected by good infrastructure (roads, nat./ intern. airports and harbours) in a growing region

         3. Benefits, stability, low cost:

Federal state investment benefits, political awareness, economic stability (power supply), lower cost for real estate and maintenance costs.''

Dr. Thomas Strüngmann – Hexal President    Hexal