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Sixth economy of the region that mostly grows in Brazil, the State of Paraíba is strategically located east of the northeastern region and borders the state of Rio Grande do Norte to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Pernambuco to the south and Ceará's to its west. It occupies an area of 56.439 square kilometers.


Its location benefits countless aspects of business, as for example the distribution and sale of materials in neighbouring states. Positioned on the easternmost point of the Americas, the connection with other countries and continents also proves facilitated. The distance between the Paraiba and the main economic destinations in the world is a geographically strategic point.

Being the central state in the Northeast, interaction with others can be done easily via highways. Paraíba has one of the best road networks in Brazil - public roads in its totality.

The capital, João Pessoa, as well as having the Port of Cabedelo, which lies 190 km from the port of Suape - one of the most important ports in Brazil, connected by a paved and mostly duplicated highway.

Distance from João Pessoa to the other capitals of the Northeast:
Recife: 120 km
Natal: 185 Km
Fortaleza: 688 Km
Salvador: 949 Km

To assist and support to foreign investors, the International Business Centre (CIN) makes available to businessmen information, consulting services, organization of fairs, events and international missions. The CIN-FIEPB is part of a network led by the Confederation of Industry (CNI) and connected with dozens of international institutions in promoting business and investments.

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The Industrial Sector of Paraíba corresponds to 21.5% of the state's GDP, and consists of four segments: the Extractive Industry; Processing Industry; Civil Construction; and production and distribution Gas and Electric Energy, Water, Sewage and Urban Sanitation.

Among the sectors that stand out in the state's economy, are:

The state of Paraiba is the fourth largest exporter of footwear in Brazil, and home to a strong industrial base in this segment. Located in the state, for example, are companies such as São Paulo Alpargatas, which produces and exports the famous Havaianas from Brazil, and  Cambuci SA, which produces and exports the PENALTY footwear. Moreover, the State has the Leather Technology Center and Footwear SENAI, which develops activities in the vocational education sector and technical advisory services in strategic design, modelling, prototyping, project implementation and adequacy of footwear and artefacts factories, involving the entire product development process, from market research and trends to deployment and technical support along with the companies.

Another very important industrial centre in Paraíba is the textile. In the state are installed large companies that cater for the entire national market, such as, for example, COTEMINAS.  Focused on the development of this sector, the state has the SENAI Fashion Centre, which offers the industry segment a number of specialized services such as advice on production management, collection development and information on market trends, as well as training professionals for the fashion market and developing the creativity of companies in the manufacturing sector.

Civil construction
Sector at exponential growth over the past decade, the construction industry in Paraíba propels a volume of very high investments. Featuring natural resources essential for the production of ceramics: ceramic mineral resources and abundance in natural gas, which reduces the cost of investment in the sector - the state is the largest porcelain manufacturer in Brazil, and the largest manufacturer of ceramic materials from the northeast . Because of this potential, the Cement Pole of Paraíba is being implemented, which, by quadrupling its production capacity, it is the second largest cement producer in Brazil.

Information technology
Since the establishment of Paraíba’s Technological Park Foundation - PaqTc (1984) the state has stood out in the production and marketing of software in the region, becoming a pole in the sector. The technological potential of the state, especially in the city of Campina Grande, has its development based on the process of innovation and partnerships between universities and businesses. Several technology companies and Startups, develop and supply products "made in Paraíba" for the entire Brazil, as well as export to countries such as Argentina, China, Spain and the United States, demonstrating the high quality of our software products and hardware.

The state of Paraíba has a variety programs to encourage investment, aimed at making the region more attractive for the investors. Among them the following can be highlighted:

Support Fund for Industrial Development of Paraiba (FAIN)
Institutional Support and Financial Incentive Programme
Agro industrial Support Program
Locational Incentive Program
Mining Industry Support Program
Commercial Infrastructure Support Program
Devoted Poles Deployment Program
Industrial Manpower Training Program
Education, Research and Industrial Promotion Program
Technology-Based Initiatives Support Program
Macau Tourism and Cultural Infrastructure Support Program
Development of Fishing Activity Support Program