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Minas Gerais

Located the south-eastern region of Brazil, the state of Minas Gerais has an area of 586.000 km² and with a population of about 20 million inhabitants. The state corresponds to approximately 10% of Brazil's GDP, positioning itself as the third economy of the country.


With strategic role in national integration, the state constitutes the connecting shaft between the other Brazilian regions. Belo Horizonte, the capital, is located at the junction of major federal highways, linking the major urban centres, ports, airports and markets.

The state has the country's largest road and rail grid with 27.000 km paved and 5300 km of railways. The Tancredo Neves International Airport, located in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, is one of the most modern in Brazil, with 7.5% of the movement of cargo and passengers in Brazil.

With the start of operations in the Industrial Airport in Confins, the first of this type in the country, the industries may settle in the surrounding region, taking advantage of tax concessions such as the suspension of import duties and framed operation in the Industrial Customs Warehouse Regime. The state has five dry ports installed in city-poles in Minas Gerais and operating on the clearance of goods in both export and in import.

Among the reasons for investment in Minas Gerais include:

  • The state is the largest producer and supplier of industrial resources in Brazil, including electricity, water, mining, chemical, cement and steel;
  • The country’s main centre of wholesale distribution, concentrating important national suppliers;
  • Minas Gerais has skilled workforce, the result of good quality in public education and technical training centers. The state has important federal universities and hosts the Dom Cabral Foundation, one of the top ten business schools in the world;
  • Technology Centres present in Minas Gerais are focused on industrial competitiveness and meet the demands of technical and technological services. These centres are focused on automobile, environment, engineering, food and beverage, chemical, metrology, electronics, casting technology and automation manufacturing, among others;
  • SENAI-CETEC Technology Center in Belo Horizonte, has SENAI Institute of Technology laboratories oriented to support technological integrated solutions in areas such as automobile, environment, engineering, food and beverage, among others. There is also the Institute of Innovation, focused on R & D in areas such as highly complex engineering, surfaces, metals and special alloys and mineral processing;
  • The state is known for its modern agriculture, with strong technological strength and highly diversified, lying between the major domestic producers of cereals, grains, meat and forest resources;


  • Currently, Minas Gerais is home to the main air logistics development project in Brazil, with the implementation at the AITN and a domestic and international air cargo hub;
  • Environment is favourable to national and foreign investment on perennial underpinned rules and total commitment of the state, development agencies, municipalities and business entities. Minas Gerais has the Investment Grade (BBB-) and (brAAA) since 2012;
  • Expertise and pioneering of the project implementation on the PPP model - Public Private Partnerships in various activities.


To assist and support to foreign investors, the International Business Centre (CIN) makes available to businessmen information, consulting services, organization of fairs, events and international missions. The CIN-FIEMG is part of a network led by the Confederation of Industry (CNI) and connected with dozens of international institutions in promoting business and investments.

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The Minas Gerais industry is the second in terms of Industrial Transformation Value (VTI), accounting for 11.9% of the total. The state has a diversified industrial base, producing industrial resources and finished products with high added value. The main sectors of the State's economy are: metallurgy, chemicals, transport equipment, food, textiles, clothing, footwear and jewelry, as well as rubber, plastics, furniture, in addition to the civil construction sector. There are 65.000 companies with five employees and above and almost 1.3 million formal workers.

Metal-mechanics chain for mining and oil and gas
The state has the largest and most advanced production equipment and service centres, on request, for oil and gas (P & G) in Brazil. Companies are positioned in two industrial centres -. Metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte and Vale do Aço.  The chain of production and services includes opportunities in engineering, industrial assembly, metallurgy, mechanics, rubber, chemical, electronics, software, automation, among others.
Within this chain, still stands out the Pro-value program developed by the Fiemg System in partnership with the Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais and the State Government, who aims to increase competitiveness of the local industry by adding value to mining product.

Renewable energy sources

The state presents excellent opportunities in the area of renewable energy generation, especially from PCH (Small Hydro Plants), and biofuels and plastics derivatives, wind power and gas.  

IT and electronics
Currently, Minas Gerais focuses on major software development centres, as well as important electronic communications, automation industry, production of semiconductor wafers and development of nanotechnologies. In addition, the state hosts the second largest electric industrial centre in the areas of generation, transmission and electrical distribution.

Biotechnology and health
With one of the largest biotechnology centres in Brazil, the state integrates universities, research centres, technology parks and private companies. It stands out in the development of products and services in the fields of agricultural biotechnology, human and animal health, rapid tests, genetics and human reconstruction, besides the production of medical and hospital equipment

Aeronautics and defence
The segment is projected in the surrounding of AITN - Tancredo Neves Industrial Airport in Confins, and also in the region of Electronics Valley, a centre of products and services in training and qualification, mechanical, manufacturing and assembling of products for the airline industry and defence.  

Through the Integrated Development Institute of Minas Gerais (INDI) and the Bank of Minas Gerais' Development (BDMG), the state government identifies opportunities, disseminating updated information, guides potential investors and offers of special credit lines. The main incentive programs with financial support from the state government and also from BNDES are:

•    Support Program for Investment - Pro-Invest: financing fixed or mixed investment on the implementation, expansion, modernization, relocation, realignment or reactivation of projects in the state.
•    Support Program for the Integrated Productive Development - Pro-Giro: financing of working capital in order to support the maturation and consolidation of enterprises.
•    Commercial Structuring Program for Strategic Developments - Pro-Structuring: exclusive financing for working capital.
•    Financing Program for Integrated producers - Findes - Integration: ensure appropriate financial conditions to implement long-maturity projects integrated into agribusiness enterprises.
•    Technological development programs: provides support and advice to obtaining various types of financing for innovation projects offered by the state and federal authorities such as FAPEMIG, BDMG, FINEP and BNDES.
•    Industrial districts: Allowance for purchasing of small, medium and large areas with all infrastructures for the installation of manufacturing facilities in different regions of the state. The project is coordinated by CODEMIG - Economic Development Association of Minas Gerais.