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Espírito Santo

The Espírito Santo, located the south-eastern region of Brazil, is one of the states that is mostly developing in the country. It has the largest volume of investment per capita and a project portfolio that goes beyond R$ 100 billion.

In a range of 1,200 km from the capital Victoria, lie the huge reserves of oil and gas of the pre-salt and more than half of the Gross Domestic Product of the country.
The state has economic growth, levels of human development and quality of life above the national average and is increasingly diversifying and decentralizing its economy.
To assist and support to foreign investors, the International Business Centre (CIN) makes available to businessmen information, consulting services, organization of fairs, events and international missions. The CIN-FIES is part of a network led by the Confederation of Industry (CNI) and connected with dozens of international institutions in promoting business and investments.
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According to the National Treasury Secretariat, the State of Espírito Santo has maximum score in financial management, thus making it a safe area to invest in.
Pulp and Paper Products: The state has several reservations of eucalyptus, the principal resource for the production of pulp. The culture of production of this material is very well established, thus having skilled labour in the middle. In addition, the region's ports are adapted for the export of this product to the world’s largest consumers’ market, China.
Equipment for power generation:  Capixaba government has a clear strategy to diversify the energy matrix of the state, given the fact that 2/3 of consumption is imported. For this, gives incentives when installing wind farms and popularization of solar energy, especially for poor communities. The production and distribution of natural gas is constantly evolving, requiring large investments. The rise of this sector is considered crucial for industrial development of the state.
Metal mechanic: Sector which previously supplied resources only for construction, found a promising market in other areas such as the production of parts for the energy industry. With the clear expansion policy on the energy matrix of Capixaba, this sector has potential.
Iron Ore: Espírito Santo has key role in the whole chain of iron ore in Brazil. In addition to being very close to the largest producing region, Minas Gerais, it has ports attended by rail network. Among them, the Port of Tubarão, considered the most efficient in the world for shipping commodities.

Oil refining and coke: The Espírito Santo’s Basin already appears as the second most productive in Brazil, and has reserves estimated at over 50 million cubic meters of oil. Currently, the potential refinement of this product is not yet explored, and most of the oil is exported.
Food and Beverages: In this sector there are countless prominent fronts, both for domestic consumption and for export. Tea and coffee benefactors have targeted almost all the production to the export market, especially for Asian nations. In the food industry, products such as chocolates have quality with international recognition, implicating on skilled labour.
Articles in the clothing and accessories is one of the sectors that most employs in the state so the government has special interest in strengthening it. For this, two specialized industrial centres were created: Between Colatina and São Miguel da Palha and in Vila Velha. It is still a highly fragmented market and opportunities are extended even to the chain of resource manufacturers.
Resin and elastomers manufacturing: focusing on national planning to reduce the import of chemical resources, Linhares Gas-Chemical Complex was created. Especially in Espírito Santo, there is a tendency of specialization in the product chain related to the fertilizer sector. In addition, it aims to explore the potential of expansion of the natural gas chain in the state.


The program contributes to the expansion, modernization and diversification of the productive sectors of Espírito Santo, encouraging investments, technological renewal of production structures and increasing competitiveness of the state, with emphasis on employment generation and income and reducing social and regional inequalities.
Competitiveness contracts

The result of extensive discussions with representatives of the sectors, the competitiveness contract is an instrument adopted by the State Government of Espírito Santo to grant tax benefits to local productive sectors.
According to the contract, the productive sectors are committed to increasing the competitiveness of companies established in Espírito Santo in relation to similar ones from other regions of the country. In contrast, the tax incentives granted by the State Government, the productive sector that made the deal is committed to investing in actions that result in their own sustainable socioeconomic development. The ultimate goal is to ensure the maintenance and creation of jobs, occupation, income and evolution in professional training of the local population, the simultaneous increment in industrial capacity, technological and commercial sector.

Economic Recovery Fund of Espírito Santo (FUNRES) financially supports companies wishing to invest in the implementation, expansion and modernization projects established in the state through subscription debentures convertible into shares.

Fund and Holdings of the Espírito Santo was created to support strategic enterprises or high intense technology for the development of the state.


This includes 28 municipalities in the north of Espirito Santo in the area covered by the Superintendence for north-eastern Development (SUDENE), which provides federal tax incentives for the implementation of new investments. The area of SUDENE also has the strong performance from Banco do Nordeste of Brazil (BNB), which offers several lines of financing.