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Located in the north-eastern region of Brazil, Bahia is in a strategic area, bordered by eight states. It consists of 417 municipalities spread over a land area of 564.733 km², home to just over 15 million people. It is the region´s leading economy and the 7th in the ranking of the country´s GDP in 2013. It has a thriving industry, with the second largest refinery in Brazil and the largest petrochemical industrial complex integrated in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bahia is the 1st economy of the Northeast region and, accumulating a US$ 86 Billion GDP (2013). The state has a land area bigger than Spain and the biggest coastline in Brazil, with 1,183 km of beaches. It is the 4th most populated state of Brazil, with a population of 15 million people. Bahia has an advantageous geographic location in favor of its international insertion, as it is close to the main global markets and the biggest Brazilian states.

Bahia has a complex, sophisticated and fast growing economy. Bahia´s agribusiness stands out on the national scene for its grain production, in the Western part of the state, fruits, in the North, and cellulose, in the Southern part. On the other hand, Bahia also has a thriving industry.

There are lots of reasons to invest in Bahia, here are some of them: 

  • Landulpho Alves Refinery (RLAM): the first refinery in Brazil, created in 1950, has an installed capacity at 323.000 barrels / day, making it the second largest in the country;


  • Camaçari Industrial Complex: largest integrated industrial complex in the Southern hemisphere, it is composed of more than 90 chemical and petrochemical companies as well as other lines of business;


  • In the automotive sector, the construction of the Ford complex in 2001 and the recent inauguration of the engine factory (first in the Northeast) stand out;


  • Bahia is the third biggest producer of wind power in Brazil, with over 230 commercialized projects and R$ 22,7 billion invested. The state already attracted multinational companies such as Alstom, Gamesa and Enel Green Power and is predicted to become the biggest wind power producer by 2020; 


  • In the mining sector, Bahia stands out by the magnitude of the projects that have been announced, involving minerals such as iron, nickel, gold, bauxite, thallium, and even diamonds, using direct extraction technique;


  • The SENAI CIMATEC is the first SENAI campus gathering in a same place a technical school, a research center and a technological university, with 2 Doctorate degrees. Among its areas of expertise, that support the industry all along its production chain, the CIMATEC includes the Brazilian Institute of Robotics and the 2nd biggest supercomputer in Latin America.

In order to assist and support foreign investment, the International Business Centre (CIN) can provide investors with information, consulting services, and can also organize fairs, events and international missions. The CIN-FIEB is part of a network led by the Confederation of Industry (CNI) and connected to dozens of international institutions that promote business and investment.

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Oil & Gas
The story of Oil in Brazil started in Bahia in 1938, with the discovering of the first oil pit in Salvador´s region. Oil refining is a major sector for Bahia´s economy, representing today 32,6% of the state´s total transformation industry production value. Apart from the RLAM, several petrochemical companies are located within the Industrial Petrochemistry Pole of Camaçari. 

Bahia is the biggest gas producer in the Northeast and the thirst biggest in Brazil. Regarding gas supply, the state counts with the Manati Camp, operated by a consortium formed by the Petrobras and privet initiative. The Manati Camp has an 8 million m³/day capacity.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
The chemical sector in Bahia represents 16,1% of the state´s total transformation industry production value. The Industrial Pole of Camaçari, as the major integrated petrochemical complex in South America, gathers big multinational companies from the chemical and petrochemical sector, such as Dow, Basf and Monsanto. It also counts with Braskem, the major petrochemical company of the Americas. Braskem receives oil derivate from Petrobras to turn it into basic petrochemicals (ethylene, propylene, benzene, toluene, butadiene, xylenes, solvent and others).

In the pharmaceutical sector, it is worth highlighting the action of Bahia Farma, the Bahia Foundation of Scientific Research and Technological Development, Drug Supply and Distribution, or its research against the Zika virus.

Bahia also is an attractive state in the cosmetic branch, as evidenced by the presence of national brands such as Avatim, Natura, and more recently the settling of one of O Boticario´s production unit.

Automobile and transportation industry
Bahia produces around 6% of all vehicles manufactured in Brazil and occupies the fifth position on the Brazilian production ranking. Bahia was chosen by Ford Automotive Company to build its industrial complex, together with other 30 car parts suppliers. 

Food and beverages
Bahia is the fourth food and beverages prducer in Brazil and the fifth consumer Market. This sector is marked by spatial dispersion within the state. Hereafter are some food and beverages companies with a plant in Bahia: PepsiCo, Brasil Kirin, Nestlé, Sadia, Perdigão, Indústria São Miguel, Itaipava, Grupo Coca-Cola,  Vitarella, Marilan, São Braz, Agrovalle, Norsa Refrigerantes, Moinho dias Branco, J.Macedo, Seara, Bunge Alimentos, Indaiá, etc.

Rubber and Plastic
Bahia is the second biggest national producer of natural rubber, as its production is responsible for 30% of the internal consumption. The main installed plants are: Pirelli, Vipal, Bomix, Mucambo, Continental, Sansuy, Dopec, Huhtamaki, Tigre e a Bridgestone, which plans a R$ 260 million investment in 2016 to expand its fabric.

Textile and footwear
In Bahia, the Textile branch is formed by a dynamic industry that saw its industrial production value double in 5 years. Regarding the Leather and footwear branch, Bahia companies are responsible for more than 6% of the total Brazilian production.

The year 2016 was marked by the launching of Polimoda, an industrial cluster dedicated the apparel sector, located in the city of Feira de Santana.

Bahia has many incentive programs and financing in order to attract investments and create a competitive environment for state's industries. Among the main programs are the following:

  • Industrial Development Programme and Economic Integration (Desenvolve): It aims to stimulate the creation of new industries and the expansion, reactivation or modernization of industrial enterprises already installed. The goal is to generate new products or processes, improvement of technological features and the reduction of existing products or processes costs.
  • Presumed Credit Program: Provides for the granting presumed ICMS credit on the output operations of products assembled or manufactured in the state.
  • Credifácil: Credit line created to support the growth and strengthening of micro and small companies from Bahia through rotating and fixed working capital investment financing. 
  • Credibahia: Seeks to increase the supply of credit for small businesses, allowing the maintenance and expansion of employment alternatives for the portion of Bahia’s population with greater difficulties in accessing credit from banks and financial agents. 
  • Northeast Development Fund (FDNE): aims to ensure funds for investments in infrastructure, public services and productive enterprises with large capacity of new production and business activities.

Company: Ford
Investiment: USD 1.9 billion
Installed capacity: 250,000 vehicles / year
Municipality: Camaçari
Object: The unit of Ford in Bahia's was the main industrial enterprise that the company conducted in the world in the early twenty-first century and is responsible for the production of automobiles. The complex has 30 suppliers, 26 installed directly within its industrial area and another 4 others in an annex industrial park.
"The Ford Industrial Complex  Camaçari, means a new page in the history of Ford in the country and is not just a demonstration of confidence in the growth of Brazil and the state of Bahia, but also a model and technological innovation  from Ford, to the extent of it being used for the best global experience of the company on concepts, methods and the most advanced production processes were used."
Antônio Maciel Neto - President of Ford Motor Company Brasil