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Food: As a result of the vast territory, there are plenty of growing areas for different types of products. With this, the Amazon stands out as a unique product of various raw materials that have great potential for industrialization. These include: Acai, Cocoa, Cupuaçu, Palm, Guarana, Palm of heart, etc.
Rubber and Plastic goods: The demand for rubber and plastic products in the region is especially high due to the Manaus Free Trade Zone and the several companies that need these products in their supply chain. In addition, there are research fronts in the sector in local institutions, including the University of the State of Amazonas who is a pioneer in studies of biodegradable polymers.
Biotechnology: Taking advantage of the rich biodiversity of the region, aggregated to the protection feeling of to the biotechnological potential of the country, it is a sector in evidence. The privileged situation of raising funds has attracted various national and international companies. It is estimated that there are at least 5000 active ingredients used by the pharmaceutical industry from the region.

With a view to stimulate the sector, the Biotechnology Center of the Amazon was founded, an institution dedicated to research and development of new technologies linked to the state’s fauna and flora.
Motorcycles: The greatest motorcycle pole producer in Latin America and the highest production chain density index of the Free Zone, with record numbers to the nationalization resources. It currently has 70 companies, including finished goods manufacturers, parts and accessories;

Perfumery, Hygiene and Cleaning: The Amazon has great potential for perfumes and cosmetics based on natural products. The rich and still unspoilt biodiversity generates plenty of innovation and product differentiation ahead of any other region of the world.
Electronics and IT: The biggest manufacturing centre of electronic products from South America. All televisions and audio devices manufactured in Brazil come from Manaus. In addition, 35% of mobile devices used in the country are manufactured in the Free Zone. All this is a result of tax reductions applied to industry resources.

Currently, the main state incentives correspond to the Manaus Free Zone and may be summarized as follows:

  • Importation Tax (II) - 88% reduction on resources destined for the industrialization and proportional to the national added value when it comes to IT goods;
  • Tax on industrialized products (IPI) - Exempt
  • Social Integration Program (PIS) and financing of national security (COFINS) - A zero rate on resources and on internal sales between industries and 3.65% in sales of finished products to the rest of the country.
  • Income tax (IR) - Reduction of 75% of Income Tax and non-refundable additional, exclusively for reinvestment. Common throughout the Legal Amazon.

It is emphasized that the above exceptions have or are restricted to certain sectors of industry. So for more detail, please contact the team from the CIN Network.




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