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Machines and equipment

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The industry of mechanics capital goods has an annual turnover of R$ 80 billion a year (5% of the manufacturing industry), 70% being on the domestic market and 30% in exports. The amount of approximately R$ 25 billion in exports represents 15% of all products exported by Brazil in 2013, and Components for the Capital Goods Industry are the most representative group. The network of enterprises is made up of almost 7,000 companies, concentrated in the Southeast and employing over 250,000 people.
The electronics and IT sector is growing at rates of over 8% per year, reaching R$ 156 billion in 2013. The most representative subsector is the IT sector, with almost 30% of total sales, reflecting the recent social achievements, providing greater access for the population to computer items. However, the greatest growth comes from the Telecommunications evolving to a rate of 17% per year and the main reasons are the expansions of the telecommunications network in the country and investing in quality.
The Brazilian market for home appliances annual turnover is R$ 47 billion. Class C is responsible for 44% of total sales. This implies for a market trend to move to the North and Northeast regions. In contrast, the public of the Southern and South-eastern regions demand innovations. 


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