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Brazil, a country with continental dimensions, has an area of 8.5 million km² and is the 5th largest country in the world. The Brazilian port system consists of 34 public ports, between sea and inland ports. According to SEP, "With a navigable coastline of 8500 Km, Brazil has a port sector that moves annually about 700 million tons of various goods and accounts alone for more than 90% of its exports."

With a road network of about 1.7 million kilometres, 202,589 kilometres of paved roads (2013) where 32.1% are federal highways, state highways are 54.7% and 13.2% are municipal.

Currently the length of the national railway network is 30,129 Km operated by 11 concessionaires, with 28,190 kilometres of rail granted. Observing the history of investments by Public Service Concessionaires Rail Transportation, we can see that the value of more than R$ 5.3 billion reais was invested in 2013.


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