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Worldwide, the behaviour of the furniture industry and mattresses are very tied to the countries’ economy momentums as a whole. However, in Brazil, the trends are different. In the overall scenario, the consumer market is mainly composed of classes A, B and C. In this country, the classes D and E have become relevant.

Growth is projected at 3-5% in 2015, driven especially by the North-eastern and Northern regions. This is due to the fact that in the past, during periods of escalating economy, the richest sectors of the population were the major buyers demanding quality and level of differentiated innovation, and over the past decade, with the implementation of social programs and reduction social inequality, classes D and E have entered the market (most of the national population in these classes are concentrated in the areas cited). This forced the adjustment of the industry, tending to reduce costs. So even in this period of economic recovery, the furniture industry is expanding.
The growth of the sector is reflected by the change in the number of employees, increasing an average of 6% per year and with the main subsector, the Wooden Furniture producer.

Graphics - Furniture and mattresses employees' sectors growth / Distribution of the number of employees by sub sector - 2013

In terms of revenue, furniture and mattresses move R$ 43 billion a year (data from 2013), representing growth of 13% per year over the last 6 years. The furniture sub-sectors contributes to 85% of this revenue.

Most of the production (~ 60%) is concentrated in 11 regional centers, which represent 30% of the companies. They are located in Rio Grande do Sul (2 poles and about 20% of national production), Santa Catarina (1), Paraná (2), São Paulo (2), Minas Gerais (2), Rio de Janeiro (1) and Espírito Santo (1).


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