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The achievements and challenges faced by Brazil in the view of foreign diplomats

In its first edition, the Diplomatic Corps Opinion Survey is an important communication tool with representatives of other countries and identifies Brazil’s measures in foreign relations.

The document brings together the view of foreign diplomats residing in Brazil on topics such as economic performance, important reforms for the country, taxation, and bilateral cooperation mechanisms.


Main Results
Opinion Survey with the Diplomatic Corps

Increase of


in Brazil's evaluation as a relevant international player

Despite this outlook


of the embassies, evaluated the economic performance in 2019 as equal to or worse than that of 2018

Brazil's accession to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) is considered relevant or very relevant for


of the respondents

Most of the embassies surveyed

tax reform
as the main structural reform needed in the country

The survey showed that the most relevant
to improve trade relations were:

icon-Prancheta 1.png
Facilitation and reduction of bureaucracy in foreign trade

icon-Prancheta 2.png
Simplification and reduction of export and import taxes to Brazil

Bilateral Mechanisms

Bilateral science and technology mechanisms are considered


more efficient
than trade mechanisms

icon-Prancheta 4.png
Relationship with the Brazilian Government

Ministry of Economy was selected by


of respondents as the main government agency with which they would like to have a closer relationship

About the Survey

Since 2014, the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) holds the Diplomatic Briefing, which is a biannual initiative to strengthen the relationship with foreign diplomatic missions in Brasília.

The establishment of the Diplomatic Briefing, together with the longstanding cooperation between CNI and foreign embassies, led to the implementation of a survey on relevant topics to further improve bilateral relations.